Monday, June 29, 2009

Who dominates Twilight Clue? WE DO!

OMG we are so excited! We cannot believe that we won. Aimee got notified she won 1st place, Susie was notified she got 2nd! Cannot believe that we were lucky to win. We spent many nights, and hours at work, looking for clues....separately and some together. We won't lie, we helped each other a little bit but tried to do it on our own for the most part. Some of the clues were very hard to find, like emmett...very hard to find emmett. We are so happy! Neither of us have ever won anything like this. Some of the prizes we won't be able to use or are duplicates of things we have so we're going to be giving those prizes away to our viewers. More info on that when we receive the prizes. We have been shouting the house down! Lots of excitement here tonight and long distance calls to family- we like bragging to family LOL! Thank you Peace. Love. Twilight!!!!!!! Thank you so much! We also want to congratuate the other winners whoever you are! Thank you to the affiliates who posted the clues! We have found some wonderful Twilight Blogs through this contest as well that we hadn't found before! WOW! Gonna be hard to sleep tonight!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats to both of you! I heard you won some wicked stuff . . . and Aimee . . . you and I must talk . . . Edge of Night!


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