Monday, September 3, 2012

Helping One of Our Own

I know that we are not active on our blog anymore so I'm hoping that we still have enough friends for the word to get out. I just received news from Susie that just breaks my heart. A lot of you know that we stepped away from the blog when Susie moved back home to help take care of her mother before she passed away. Afterwards, she was kicked out of her home by her step-father and moved in with her grandmother. She has been helping take care of her grandmother, as well as working as hard as possible to just keep the wolves from the door. Last night her grandmother kicked her out and has now made Susie homeless. As hard as it is to imagine, she has nowhere to go. She has no other family and few friends in the area. Everyone knows that she is welcome with me but I also live 6 hours away now. Most people would be packing up as much as possible and leaving- just going to wherever they could. Right now Susie does not have this option. She does not have the money to be able to leave her job at this exact moment. We all know how hard it is sometimes to just make ends meet. She is in a horrible position, one that is hard to understand until you live it.

So what am I asking from you? I want your good thoughts and prayers, your sympathy and support. And if possible, I want your donations. At this point a few dollars from each of you could help her so much. So if you're able and willing please send donations via paypal to If you'd like to send a check please DM me on Twitter @AJPattz and I will take care of the details.


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