Monday, January 3, 2011

Romeo, Zombies, and Romance Oh My! A Review of The Cellar by Susie

In recently reading The Cellar by A.J. Whitten, I realized that there is still a unique quality left in authors. The author took a premise that I enjoy (zombies) and turned into something I now love (zombie romance). This book is one of a kind bright star that is a must read. From the first sentence I was hooked. The characters of Heather and Meredith, so haunted by their tragedy and depression, hooked me straight away. I enjoyed how the story was broken up so that the reader could enjoy all point of views. So very few books gives you an insight to both the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s). As for the antagonist, Adrien is both terrifying and beautiful. His character development is what I enjoyed most about the book. While he was truly evil, love lingered in his heart til the bitter end.

When I came face to face with the gruesome detailing of attack scenes, it made me want to read more. The modern references will make it relate able to a teenage audience and the unique Romeo and Juliet subtext will pull them in (because you know everyone has to read that in High school at least once).

I give this twisted tale of zombie love 4 1/2 apples!

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