Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aimee's Return Post

I know it's been absolutely forever since I have actually posted a real, in depth post on this blog and I'm sorry for it. I love this blog that Susie and I have created and I love our readers and other bloggy friends. I have met so many wonderful people since becoming involved in this site and those people have become great friends. But in the past year or so real life has gotten... interestingly difficult. As most of you know this summer me and Susie decided that we needed to move away from where we had been living and in doing so we had to split. That was a hard decision that we made but I feel that it was the correct one for us at that time. So Susie settled into her parents/grandmother's homes, her job, and has remained active in the blogosphere. As for myself, I've moved into my very own apartment, close to my parents, I found a new job, and I've forgone writing on the blog. I've felt so detached from the twidom, from my own life, for a while now and I have only just started feeling more myself recently. I believe my move helped bring me back to life. Ironically I feel like Bella coming out of her zombie state in New Moon- only not as epically depressed. I feel more alive and ready to start getting back into what made me happy before. Wow, this post really turned more serious than I meant it to but I want everyone to know that I'm better and going to try to keep up with the blog more. There's a lot of new information coming out about Breaking Dawn filming that has started, and honestly I'm trying to stay distanced from it like I did for Eclipse but I'm so excited to know that filming has started and that we're on our way to the final 2 installments- plus new pics of Rob are always great. Also, another year of Nanowrimo is past and I'm pleased to say I actually hit 54K this year so that's made me really excited. I'm also looking at catching up on all the books I haven't read yet so if anyone has a book they really think I need to read let me know in the comments. And thank you everyone for sticking with us and being our friends.

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