Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Its Pictures Like This That Make You Think.....

Kristen Stewart is a EFFIN' Goddess and Rob is just in awe of her!!!! Look at these amazing outtakes from Harpers Bazaare! I thought I loved the Vanity Fair Rob and Kristen pics but I think I just found my new favorites!

She looks so sex kitteny!

If "the proposal" were glammed up lol...PERFECT!

Jawporn plus seduction...Hell Yeah

Bike + Rob = Turned on Kristen...Love It!

Just Breathtaking!

I have to agree with people in saying..THIS...is what they should look like for Breaking Dawn! Passionate, seductive, and in love!

A big hug, kiss, and thank you to ROBsessed for posting these amazing pictures! You can view these and the rest HERE


  1. Is she wearing a wig because they did an outstanding job with her hair/makeup. My favorite photo is the one with Rob and Kristen and the bike. Sweet Jesus!

  2. Yeah the bike is amazing. Not sure it's she's wearing a wig but then again I'm not sure when they actually did the photo shoot. Could have been before she cut her hair for "the Runaways."

  3. God this shoot is amazing. I can't stop looking at Kristen. And that open back black dress: me wants it.

  4. I hope they post a making of vid of this shoot. I'm dead curious to know what Kristen was standing on for the proposal pic, because there's not way she's that tall. Love the pictures though! I'm adding HB to my shopping list right under VF.

  5. Cannot emphatically agree with the comments that this is how they MUST look for Breaking Dawn. Kristen looks powerfully sexy. Mother Effin RAWR!


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